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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Red Sox Hire Their New Pitching Coach: Juan Nieves

In the major sports that I enjoy, I've decided that there aren't many things that make me more bored to tears than MLB's off-season. Even worse, the hot stove is upon us with GM's meetings kicking off tonight in California. We interrupt your winter hibernation with this information: today, the Red Sox hired Juan Nieves to be their pitching coach.

It is a bit of a surprise since it seemed like manager John Farrell and the front office were wholeheartedly pursuing famed pitching coach Rick Peterson. Not that you can believe most of the clowns that cover the Red Sox full-time. Nieves is a former MLB pitcher that spent the last five seasons as bullpen coach for the White Sox.

I love when people try to project whether managers or coaches in baseball will be effective or not. Haha who knows? The most important factor by far is talent. If Boston doesn't severely upgrade its starting rotation, Nieves will continue on the carousel of pitching coaches the last four seasons for the Red Sox: Farrell, Curt Young, Bob McClure and Randy Niemann.

The only pitchers I have really heard out there that Boston could be interested in are free agent Dan Haren and former Red Sox Justin Masterson (who is on the Indians). Neither one is thrilling but they would both have value (assuming Haren is healthy): their best asset is that they are durable and routinely pitch over 200 innings. A feat which has been extremely rare the last few seasons for Boston with its underachieving, overpaid and mostly lazy pitchers.

The next step for Farrell is to hire a new hitting coach. However, anytime GM Ben Cherington wants to add more MLB-level players, that would be lovely. The Red Sox can use all the help that they can get heading into next season.

UPDATE 11/9: Today, Dr. Larry Ronan was named medical director while Gary Tuck remains as the bullpen coach for his seventh season with the club.

UPDATE 11/20: Arnie Beyeler was named first-base coach, he was manager of the PawSox the last two seasons.

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