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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do They Have Johnny Rockets In Austria?

It is way too late and furthermore, the NHL lockout makes me simultaneously want to bang my head on the wall and burst into tears but I felt the need to pass along this news item: Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk left for Austria today. He will play for the Salzburg Red Bulls in the Austrian First Division Hockey League.

If you're scoring at home, that makes 11 Bruins-most in the NHL-that are currently plying their trade in Europe. Four of the projected top six defensemen for Boston are over there and that's not including Dougie Hamilton, who is still playing OHL junior hockey with the Niagara Ice Dogs. Like with Chris Kelly-the last Bruin to leave-it is not a good feeling when a guy that had seemingly stuck it out here, gives up and leaves. That can't be a good sign for the NHL's going-nowhere labor negotiations.

The NHL has already lost the first two months of its 2012-13 regular season and I feel like pretty soon, we'll be hearing that the entire campaign is cancelled. If that is true, save a spot for me on the Tobin Bridge. I'm sure it'll be a busy day if and when that happens.

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