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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New England Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman Didn't Have The Best Halloween

A wise man-my uncle-once told me that New Year's Eve is amateur hour. What he meant was that it's the one time of the year when every knucklehead gets hammered and does dumb things like get behind the wheel of a car, get in a fight, etc. Along those lines, I would add that Halloween is a smaller version of New Year's Eve when it comes to high schoolers, college kids and post-college clowns.

Unfortunately, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman proves my hypothesis since he got arrested last night for groping a woman at a Halloween party. This took place at some bar/nightclub in the Back Bay called Storyville which I swear I've never heard of my entire life.

I'm not going to cast judgment on Edelman, the third-year receiver who is currently out of action with an ankle injury. All I'll say is that he's not a star by any means and it's doubtful that any woman in New England would recognize who he is, especially without his trademark long hair.

As everyone knows and was reminded in the wake of Rob Gronkowski's picture with Bibi Jones (porn star) two weeks ago, the Patriots are one of the most image conscious franchises in pro sports. They clearly put the squeeze on Gronk to apologize for his actions during the bye week and it'll be interesting to see what happens to Edelman who is much more disposable when it comes to production on the field.

In his rookie season, when Wes Welker went down with a knee injury, Edelman appeared to be his doppelganger. He played great in the regular season finale vs. Houston (after Welker went down) then had two touchdowns in the playoff game when Baltimore came into Gillete and embarrassed the Pats.

Unfortunately for Edelman, a converted college QB and 2009 seventh round pick, he just hasn't developed at all since then. In 2009 (11 games), he had 37 catches for 359 yards and a touchdown. In 2010 (15 games), he had only seven catches for 86 yards. In four games so far this season, he's been limited to three catches for a pathetic 25 yards (even Ochocinco laughs at those numbers).

His most notable accomplishments on the field come as a punt returner and kick returner. Edelman had a 94-yard punt return for a touchdown last season in Chicago. Let's be honest though, what's easier to find than a mediocre returner?

I hope the allegations against him are proven to be untrue; from following him on Twitter and seeing him during games, he appears to be a decent, funny guy. Obviously, this arrest says otherwise. Regardless, this is not what Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wants to hear about when he wakes up on November 1-two days after a loss to Pittsburgh and five days before the New York Giants come to Foxborough.

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