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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Are Penn State Students Serious?

So by now everyone knows that Joe Paterno has been let go by Penn State in the wake of this disgusting Jerry Sandusky story. What I don't get is how these Penn State students are seemingly absolving Joe Paterno in all of this for no other reason than his insanely long tenure with the university.

Listen, I get it. The man is a Hall of Famer and one of the most legendary and recognizable figures in the history of American sport. But anyone who thinks that he should coach another game with Penn State either

1) Hasn't read the grand jury investigation detailing the multiple deplorable acts committed by Sandusky.
2) Is so blindly loyal that they think Paterno ACTUALLY did the right thing.
3) Is fucking retarded.

Honestly, this would be bad enough if it were one isolated incident in the privacy of Sandusky's home/sex trafficking lair. But this happened repeatedly over a long period of time, with the most disgusting transgression occurring in Paterno's own locker room. Legally, Paterno did what he was supposed to which was report it to his superior, however all of this could have been avoided had Paterno simply went to the authorities and put this pervert behind bars. By failing to get the police involved, Paterno and others who covered this up left the door open for future instances of abuse.

Hey Penn State students, how can you possibly defend this? You can blame his age and mental acumen, but if you do so then what is the point of having him coach a team? All you hear is all the great things he has done for the school,
which is true. But let me just say this. His coworker and fellow coach had a charity that funneled innocent children into his program, leading to a kid being anally raped in a locker room shower stall.

Legend or no legend, this story is so horrific that it will certainly tarnish Paterno's legacy and haunt him to the day he dies.

He didn't do all he could, PSU fans. If he did, he could have saved more kids from being molested and taken advantage of, thereby accomplishing more than he ever could on a football field.

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