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Friday, May 27, 2011

Roger Goodell Says Season Ticket Holders Want an 18 game Regular Season. Ummmmm WHAT?


Although expanding the regular season to 18 games has faded into the background as NFL owners and players have found other issues to fight about, Commissioner Roger Goodell has confirmed that he still thinks that’s the direction the NFL should go in. And Goodell says season-ticket holders agree with him.

“We do think it is attractive to season-ticket holders,” Goodell said on a conference call with Titans season-ticket holders. “I hear that all of the time from our season-ticket holders. We have not abandoned our position on that. We do think it is the right thing for the game. It improves the quality of what we do, and it improves the value for you as season-ticket holders. . . . We do think it is a benefit for everybody, but we want to do it the right way, and we want to do it responsibly. That includes the players’ perspective.’’

The players’ perspective is already clear: They don’t want an 18-game regular season. And polls have shown that most fans don't want an 18-game regular season.

Here's a serious question: Is Roger Goodell the most clueless person on the planet, or does he really think that season ticket holders WANT to pay for two extra games? The cost of going to an NFL game has skyrocketed in the last decade with the most egregious offense being when the Patriots jacked prices up by 1/3 after losing in the Super Bowl that will not be named.

Never mind the retarded logic that Goodell is using to expand the season. In the last few seasons, the NFL has cracked down on concussions, but Goodell clearly can't make the connection between more games and more injuries. Does he really want to protect the players, or make some extra money?

All I ask from Goodell is to not come across like he has the fans best interest in mind. This is the same guy who used the tornadoes in Alabama to deflect the "we want football" chants at the NFL Draft last month. Just the greediest, most selfish guy on the planet.

There is literally NOTHING wrong with the NFL. 16 games is perfect, not to mention the two bullshit preseason games that the teams charge full price for. Not to mention the fact that most teams require all money up front, even though the paying customers don't even know whether or not there will be football. Adding two extra games requires the fans to not only fork over hundreds of additional dollars before the season not to mention 50 dollars to park, hundreds of dollars in food and beer, and gas to get to the game.

It is this disconnect with the common fan that makes Gillette Stadium a fucking wine and cheese party half the time, the same disconnect that makes me walk by (and throw up in) a Victoria's Secret on the way into the stadium.

Stop speaking for us Roger. No one cares about the lockout until training camp starts. So keep dragging your feet and acting as our voice because you're not. No one wants to PAY MORE to attend football games, so you better hope that longtime season ticket holders give up their seats for corporate dickheads who wear boat shoes to Pats games and throw the football like girls in the parking lot before the game. Fans want football period. Not more football. And they certainly don't want to spend more money while the owners make record profits. Deuche.

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