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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Terry Francona Is Back To Making Money

I've said all along that Terry Francona would land on his feet after getting fired/leaving the Boston Red Sox last week.

Lo and behold, the most successful manager in Red Sox history already has his next (albeit brief) gig set up. He'll be doing color commentary for Fox during the ALCS pitting the Texas Rangers against the winner of tomorrow night's Game 5 between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers.

Tim McCarver-the worst announcer in sports-is sidelined with an undisclosed medical issue so he will miss the first two games meaning Tito will team up with Joe Buck, the world's most boring play-by-play man (not named Dale Arnold).

Good for Francona, just like Celtics head coach Doc Rivers (who worked for ABC as a commentator between his coaching stops in Orlando and Boston) before him, I'll bet that he does a nice job. He's always been very accommodating to the insufferable Boston media that covered him and no doubt, he'll bring some interesting perspectives having been in the game so recently and faced the teams that are still playing extensively.

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