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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ty Law Will Be Inducted Into the Patriots Hall of Fame This Summer

The best cornerback in Patriots history will be rightfully inducted into the team's Hall of Fame this summer. In his first year of eligibility, Ty Law was voted in by the fans over fellow cornerback Raymond Clayborn and head coach Bill Parcells. Law's induction ceremony will take place on Friday, August 1 at 4:30 p.m. (it is free and open to the public).

"Ty Law was one of the greatest players in franchise history and one of the premier corners in the NFL during his Patriots career,” Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft said in a statement. "The fans have helped validate that with this year’s hall of fame selection. We have had an incredible run of success and the building blocks started with players like Ty. He was an important part of three Super Bowl championship teams. It will be an honor to bring Ty back to celebrate his career as he takes his rightful place in our team’s hall of fame. I am sure he will deliver another memorable moment during his hall of fame ceremony, too."

The three finalists were chosen by a committee made up of media members (try not to laugh), team officials and former Patriots. Clayborn had no chance since he played not that recently (hence people that saw him probably aren't voting in this) while apparently New England fans still hold a grudge (surprise, surprise) against Parcells for leaving immediately after the Super Bowl for the Jets. He's been a finalist before and lost so you can expect to see this happening over and over again as all the great players from Law's era start to get nominated.

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