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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ortiz Gets His Money, Now It's Time to Play Ball

With snow in the forecast on Tuesday night (don't shoot the messanger!), it's hard to believe but Opening Day 2014 in MLB is only a week away. During their last week in spring training, the Red Sox' main off the field objectives are to sign David Ortiz and Jon Lester to contract extensions. Well mission accomplished on the first front.

After endless complaining, the Red Sox finally signed Ortiz to a $16 million extension through 2015 with a vesting option for 2016 (that kicks in if he makes a certain amount of plate appearances) and a club option in 2017 (when he'll be 42!). Big Papi doesn't need an introduction to anybody around here or explanation as to why he deserved this but we've happy that it's all over since how many times can you listen to him cry about the same stuff? It became a joke since he brought it up constantly and complained about their lack of respect blah, blah.

Red Sox ownership said that this basically ensures that Ortiz will be on Boston for the rest of his career which is a great perk to one of the only guys that I can ever remember who truly earned that lofty distinction. Who knows if Boston will get something done with Lester in time or if they'll have to wait until after the season ends (since I think he said he didn't want to talk about it during the season).

Regardless, if you are the last person in New England that doesn't own an Ortiz shirt/jersey well then you're in luck. It looks like a safe bet that he'll be here for a couple more years to close out one of the best Red Sox careers in team history.

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