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Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Trails to Steve Gregory, a Truly Terrible NFL Safety

I'm not exactly sure how he flew under the radar so much for the two seasons that he was a Patriot but can we all agree that safety Steve Gregory is absolutely terrible? He's undersized, slow, injury prone and gets burned time after time every week by anyone that he's supposed to cover. With nine years in the league, I have to wonder how a bum like him has lasted this long. Oh well, I bring good news this afternoon since New England has released him.

By dumping him, the Pats save $2.85 million which leaves them with $12.35 million under the salary cap. I could sit here and pretend that this means that the Patriots will use every cent of it to give Tom Brady more weapons and get more playmakers on defense like they desperately need to win another Super Bowl. Sadly, we know how this will likely play out: New England searches for the next Gregory and sign a couple stiffs just like him.

Not having Gregory won't automatically translate to more wins or success for New England but all we can hope is that this signals that they realize they need to change their scouting approach. The two important dates to remember for the NFL: free agency begins March 11 and the NFL Draft starts on May 8. By then, the 2014 Patriots' roster will take shape.

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