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Thursday, June 28, 2012

We'll Get Our Dose Of Doc Rivers During The London Olympics, Don't You Worry

It's one adventure to the next for Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers who never seems to take any time off. Tonight, he's in Newark, NJ to see his younger son Austin Rivers get drafted by the NBA. In a few weeks, he'll be a basketball analyst on NBC for the London Olympics.

The network announced an announcer lineup for the London Games full of familiar faces Thursday. Bob Costas will serve as prime-time host for the ninth time. Al Michaels and Dan Patrick will handle that role for NBC's live weekday and weekend daytime coverage.

Eight-time Winter Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno will work as a reporter.

Collins and Rivers have worked as TV commentators during stints between coaching jobs. Collins will call games alongside play-by-play announcer Bob Fitzgerald, the voice of the Golden State Warriors for CSN Bay Area. One of his players with the Philadelphia 76ers, Andre Iguodala, could make the U.S. team. Rivers, the Boston Celtics' coach, will be a studio analyst.

You'll remember that Doc was a very popular commentator on TNT between coaching gigs in Orlando and Boston. Clearly, he loves the game of basketball since I doubt that he really needs the money and neither does his family. That is assuming he doesn't pull a Mark Jackson and have a stripper on the side looking for cash.

Seriously though, it's a pleasure to hear Rivers speak with the media before, during and after games; with his experience both as a player in the NBA and coach, it's no wonder that he's one of the best analysts (that has taken a break from that very different life). You know that whenever he decides to retire from coaching that a great TV gig will be waiting for him.

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