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Friday, September 30, 2011

Remember The Good Old Days When You Could Hit Quarterbacks In The NFL?

Not to sound like a meathead, your grandfather or most of the clueless commentators on CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFL Network who spout the same thing every week, but do you remember when the NFL actually allowed quarterbacks to get hit?

This may seem silly to say as a New England Patriots fan because I will admit that quarterback Tom Brady has benefitted from preferential treatment since he became a star, however the amount of fines and penalties that occur every week for borderline hits and plays is ridiculous.

The latest Patriot to get fined was linebacker Rob Ninkovich, who is short $15,000 after his helmet grazed Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick last Sunday in their game. At the time, I thought the penalty was a bit harsh and now with the fine, I have to say for the millionth time that the NFL is being a little too reactionary.

Brutal launching hits like the ones Brandon Meriweather always tries are despicable and they don't have a place in the NFL or football in general. Players, coaches and fans no doubt would almost unanimously want those out of the game. Yet the force field that seems to exist around quarterbacks and the distinct disadvantage the defensive players are at in the NFL (hello defensive backs) is why as Mike Felger says, "it's turned into Arena Football."

Defenses are no longer dominant and as a result, a few stops and or turnovers is what amounts to a good defensive game these days. Seeing a million touchdowns in a game (akin to an endless loop of Sportscenter) gets old fast. Bring back the violence in football, just leave the reckless shots out of it.

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